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COVID-19 Services

Helping organizations maintain a healthy
and safe workplace

COVID-19 Diagnostics & Prevention Solutions

The MDamerica COVID-19 Diagnostics & Prevention Solution offers the most affordable and comprehensive approach to mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the workplace.

Protecting the health and well-being of your customers and employees is paramount to getting your organization back to work and back to normal. A critical component of this is to reduce the risk spreading the COVID-19 virus among your workforce and protecting your customers. Implementing a comprehensive, diagnostics and prevention plan is the optimal way to achieve this goal.


At MDamerica, we offer a multi-leveled approach to address the complex safety needs of your business during these uncertain times. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive solutions, combining screening and laboratory services with an on-site clinical support team to help your business protect its most important assets… its customers and employees.

Who We Serve:  Corporate, Manufacturing, Film Industry, Commercial Production, Education, Healthcare, Municipalities, Sports & Entertainment Venues, and Private & Public Events.


COVID-19 Rapid Molecular Testing

Immediate detection of COVID-19 is critical to isolated potential spread of infection. Using the Abbott ID NOW™ testing device we can test individuals for COVID-19 and other viruses like Influenza in less than 20 minutes. The Abbott ID NOW™ offers highly accurate and fast results, enabling us to quickly mitigate the risk of these viruses spreading to coworkers and customers.

Utilizing the Abbott ID NOW™ as an on-site solution, in combination with our qualified clinical staff, can be an extremely effective method of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 and Influenza viruses. This testing protocol can significantly reduce healthcare costs and operational losses associated with the spread of these viruses in the workplace.

COVID-19 Rapid PCR

For organizations requiring a Rapid PCR testing solution for on-site or remote locations, the Mesa Biotech Accula COVID-19 platform delivers fast and accurate results.

At MDamerica, we offer a scalable Rapid PCR testing solution, with the capacity to perform one to hundreds of tests per day.

  Testing Platform Benefits:

  • Mobile (ideal for on-site or remote locations)

  • Low cost per test

  • Highly accurate & efficient

  • Quick results

  • Scalable testing Solution


COVID-19 Lab-Based RT-PCR & Antibodies Testing

For those clients requiring a lab-based testing solution, we offer fast and accurate RT-PCR and Antibodies testing through our local and national laboratory network.

Considered the "gold standard" for COVID-19 testing, our lab-based RT-PCR solutions offer some of the highest levels of sensitivity and specificity, with an industry leading results turnaround time.

MDamerica Lab-Based RT-PCR Benefits:

  • Affordable

  • High level of sensitivity and specificity

  • Accurate

  • Specimen collection on-site, at home, or in-office

  • Industry leading turnaround time

  • Highly effective in detecting global variants: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Eta, Gamma, Kappa, Lambda, Lota, Omicron, Theta, Zeta


COVID-19 Rapid Antigen On-Site Screening


Rapid Antigen Testing offers an effective and affordable solution for screening of employees, customers, and guests. Most tests are completed within 15 to 20 minutes.

 Test features:

  • On-site and Remote Testing

  • 15-20 minutes visual result

  • Affordable and Accurate

  • No instruments or refrigeration required

Rapid Antigen-10.png

Antigen tests are easy-to-use on-site tests, which does not require any instruments or refrigeration. The test can be used in emergency room, physician's offices, nurses’ stations, medical clinics, pharmacies, drive through test stations, and even in-home setting to identify if symptomatic patients may be infected with COVID19.


The well-being of your customers and employees is of the utmost importance to your organization. At MDamerica wants to help your organization get back to work and  building a safer tomorrow!

COVID-19 RESPONSE-Education & Monitoring

We believe an effective educational and monitoring program is essential for reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus and maintaining a safe workplace environment for employees and customers. To maintain the highest level of safety, we offer a comprehensive on-site program which included  implementation, training, and monitoring of a set of standardized safety protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.


As the prevalence of COVID-19 diminishes, we will continue to monitor and educate employees to ensure your organization maintains the most effective plan for mitigating future risks.

COVID-19 RESPONSE-Advance Cleaning & Disinfection

The CDC recommends daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and bedside tables, as well as surfaces that may come in contact with blood, stool, or bodily fluids. However, light switches, air vents, windowsills, furniture, and other objects can also become contaminated.


MDamerica’s affiliated commercial disinfection companies go above and beyond CDC guidelines for infection control and safety, providing highly detailed cleaning to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our companies only use hospital-grade, CDC approved cleaners to ensure all surfaces are disinfected, sanitized, clear of harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria. All cleaning supplies are segmented, cleaned, and/or disposed of in order to stop cross-contamination.


More Effective Cleaning Means Lower Risk of Spreading the Coronavirus

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