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Prevention & Wellness

They say prevention is the best medicine.... We couldn't agree more!

Prevention & Wellness

Many healthcare professionals agree that prevention and wellness are the most effective way to achieve optimal health.  Early detection of conditions like prostate cancer and heart disease is key to getting the best possible outcome.  Many of these life-threatening and debilitating conditions are treatable or curable when detected early and occurrences of these conditions can be minimized with a good wellness program.

Combining the MDamerica prevention and early detection solutions with our comprehensive wellness program, gives employees the tools they need to achieve optimal health.  These solutions can also help reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity.

Our comprehensive approach to prevention and wellness start with engagement and education. We want every employee we serve to understand the value of prevention, early detection and an effective and personalized wellness plan. Understanding the unique needs of each employee and their health risks enables us to develop a plan to help employees reach their optimal health.

A Step By Step Approach To Prevention & Wellness

Examination & Screening

Comprehensive Examinations and Clinical Screenings.

Diagnostics & Risk Assessment

Complete Diagnostic Testing & Health Risk Assessment

Treatment & Care Coordination

Treatment for Acute and Chronic Conditions & Care Coordination

Wellness Planning & Implementation

Individualized Wellness Planning, Implementation

and On-going Consulting.

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